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Friday, June 13, 2014

Treasure everyday moments...

How has your journey been for 2014? Sorry I am kinda disconnected for the past few months. Just last month as i have blogged earlier, DH had a bike accident and was admitted & had to go through some surgery. A month has passed and he's now doing much better. He recuperated well at home. Few days back, my mum was back in the hospital again as well... This is one of those events in life that makes you think a lot and appreciate life each passing day. I am trying to stay positive and I often joke with my friends that I'm now an expert in packing hospital bags. Well, truly, events like this help us grow. I think that I was calm and was able to handle the situation well when I was heard the bad news.

 Last week, we celebrated 5 years as husband and wife. I did a little gift for him. A gift that would be a reminder of the journey and good times. Treasure moments spent together each day.

*photo captured by Asther Lau Photogrpahy*