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Thursday, June 27, 2013

I love baby friendly restaurants

Being a mum, going to baby friendly restaurants help a lot. Some places don't have basic items like baby high chairs, and it's pretty hard for us to enjoy our meal. So, usually we will choose places, which at least has a baby chair. 

Today, Shu-Yin and I went to Oh sushi, straits quay. We have visited this place quite frequently as it's baby friendly and comfortable for mummies like us to catch up. The food taste great and price is reasonable too.

This place is equipped with baby chair and also the waiter gave the kids their own cutleries. Before we know it the kiddos were banging them away... Luckily, we were seated at the corner of the restaurant, as we don't want to disturb other customers.

 The waiter was also very kind and asked if we needed warm water for the kids. I requested one for Lucas. It came in a cute plastic mug, lukewarm and with a straw. How thoughtful... :) 

The waiter was very careful when serving food as well. We manage to enjoy our lunch as Khye and Lucas had their orchestra session with their bowls and spoon. 

Picture of mummy Shu-Yin and her lunch :)

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Quote of the day

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We often take for granted and overlook little moments that make our life meaningful. Let's enjoy the little things in life. Let's not take them for granted as one day we will realise how much it mean to us when they are gone.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Dizzy fall...

Yesterday, Lucas suddenly discovers he could spin. He started spinning and laughing despite the fact that we stopped him a couple of times. He probably realised the "high" he gets when spinning. We have never taught him before, but knows that the program he watch baby Einstein's first move do teach about spinning. So unfortunately, he was spinning and laughing and he got dizzy and disoriented and hit his head on the TV cabinet. *_* he hits his head, I get scolding from his grandpa (my dad). sigh...

Heart broken to see the scar on his head. Put some ice on it but he dislikes it. Hope he will have less fall in the future. Part & Parcel of growing up...

Samples from Huggies

Found this in my mailbox today :) it's a sample I request from Huggies.


I have been letting Lucas wear diaper pants for a few months now, as he is one feisty toddler. Diaper pants really ease diaper changing. After reading about the review on Huggies Dry Pants on Shu-yin's blog (my favorite go-to family blog), I was tempted to give this diaper pants a try. So, I requested for samples. Do drop by Shu-yin's blog as she does a lot of review on baby products. 

A tribute to Daddy

Daddy, you are my hero. 

Feeding me when I'm hungry...
although you ignore me when I'm bored...

Carrying me when I'm tired...

Sharing the fan with me when it is hot...

Swimming with me in the pool...

Posing with you is so cool...

Lecturing me when I'm wrong...

Sleeping on you is so "song"...

Daddy you may not be perfect in many ways, but still you are the best dad I could wish for any day...

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

iPads, iPhones and TV : Yay or Nay?

I usually get those glaring eyes when I dine and I let Lucas watch my iPhone with baby apps as we eat. I can hear whispers n judgmental comments behind me. Perhaps, I used to give glares to other parents too, before I had Lucas... now, I understand perfectly why parents give their toddlers gadgets to keep the kids occupied. Sometimes we just need that brief moment to get stuffs done.

Being engineer parents, it is a tad hard to prevent my kid from being exposed to all the different gadgets around. We probably have them all, if not most. Having to be parents with telecommunications & computer hardware and software backgrounds, we should know better than any average parents what are the pros and cons of exposing technology to children.

Making Time 
Being a stay-at-home-mum i need to find ways to keep my son occupied so I can chores and work done. Educational programs on TV or iPad is definitely my trusted partner when it comes to keeping Lucas occupied. Every morning, its routine that he will sit in front of the tv, on his trusty fisher price seat while having his breakfast. During that time slot, I will be able to prepare ingredients to be cooked for lunch as well as laundry.

Keeping up with modernisation
Nowadays, everyone including my parents want to be part of the IT world. Majority of the kids know what is an iPad. Even ordering food in restaurants uses iPad. Using a gadget is a learning process itself. 

When I was 5 or 6, I played with my first computer one of the very first PC generation. I used to play games like math magic, wheels of fortune & alphabet games on my Aunt's computer via large floppy disk, followed the command sheet and running commands like auto.exe or auto.bat. Once I cried my heart out when I forgot to take out the disk and the comp won't start up... I learn it the hard way that gadgets are dumb machines and human are the brains. I was exposed to computers way before my teenage years... Do I have issues in social development? Am I socially impaired? Erm, I think not. Hahaha. I used to be a girl guide, I can swim, I can play the organ, I craft and I definitely have a life indoors and outdoors. 

Ironically, technology keeps us closer and further at the same time! My husband and I will always find time to bring our kiddo out to the park for walks or cycling, etc. We will try to talk and read to him as much as we can. We sometimes do forget and get too engross with our gadgets but Lucas will feel left out and hit our gadgets away to remind us to pay attention to him. I guess we got a lot to learn from our little guy!

Being safe
If you want to expose your kids (or your parents) to technology, be responsible parents (or kids). Educate them about safety and the dangers of the big world out there. Mind you, it's more than just putting up the best firewalls but handling strangers and dangers in the virtual world are no small matters. Choose the age suitable apps & tv programs for your kids so they can learn & have fun at the same time.

Health matters
People always comment about kids vision will be affected when using TVs or IPad. This is true, & applies if your children are exposed to the screen for long hours, close distance and incorrect monitor settings. Therefore, I will always make sure the brightness of the screen is adjusted correctly to the surroundings. This should apply to adults as well. Also, I will make sure the distance between Lucas and the TV is few metres away.

Radio frequency... Ah, this is a complicated topic. Regardless how we try to minimise our usage, RF is everywhere. You cannot deny that you need it. Without RF, we will not be so well informed about everything on the spot. It changes our lifestyle for sure. So there's nothing much we can do.
We try to make it a practice, before going to bed, gadgets like phones will be set to airline mode and placed a distance to avoid close proximity with RF exposure.

Yes, technology helps us getaway with cranky children for a brief moment, technology helps us educate our children if used responsibly, it can be our friend and not our enemy.

It all comes down to how you control the usage of the gadgets. I believe the key word is moderation. Use technology to help and grow your children. Choose programs wisely and set a duration of usage per day. Be aware about the existing cons if misused and be responsible to protect your family members both old and young from the dangers of technology. With that in mind, I'm sure you will learn to embrace technology as your friend and not your foe.

Cheers. :)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Good night baby

Dear Lucas, Everynight before I sleep, I will look at you for a moment, as my fingers run through your soft hair, I kissed you and whispered goodnight, I also wondered if I have been a good mummy to you today... Goodnight my little one... I will try my best again tomorrow. Xoxo, mummy.

    Picture source : Pinterest

Monday, June 17, 2013

Introducing cheese to Lucas

While doing grocery shopping at tesco, we found this junior cheese sticks from Beqa (from Australia). It's 100% natural & it taste great... Alex and I love it too. ;)

One pack consists of 8 sticks which are individually packed. Initially Lucas wasn't so fond of it. Perhaps it was the first time he tastes cheese... but soon enough, he was asking for more.

Because it comes in a firm and stick form, it was easy for Lucas to hold and chomp on it. Unlike the square flimsy ones which I had to cut and Lucas will make a mess more than eating them... :D

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Cycling Weekend

In Penang, on sundays, some roads are closed to traffic for people to cycle. Alex was really excited to bring Lucas out. He thinks that Lucas' should spend more time outdoors. :) So last weekend, we went out for a short ride. There were no cars or motorcycles around so it was very safe. Daddy bought a baby seat for Lucas and installed it on his bicycle. We will get him a helmet soon. Still need to get him to wear one as he hates wearing caps, hats or anything on his head.

I think that Lucas is abit scared of the ride although he's happy. He looked really serious & when he smiles, he just smirk briefly. Halfway thru the ride, he made the "Vrroooommm...." sound, as  he would when he plays with his toy cars.

After the ride, we went to Old Town at Whiteaway Arcades for Brunch. We waited for a good 20 mins and wondered why no orders came. So Alex went over to the counter to ask. The reply was pretty disappointing. The staff in-charge said that their ordering system is down and they cannot place the orders yet. They are trying to fix it. So we ask can you process the orders manually? They said No, they can't. When we asked how long should we wait? They replied, they are not sure. Talk about service. Wished they had the courtesy to inform us so we knew earlier. So, disappointed, we walked away. I noticed there are quite a number of patrons still unaware of the situation and waiting for their meal when we left. *sigh*

So we cycled to the next road where Lighthouse coffee is. Ordered a simple breakfast & hot milk steamer -butterscotch for brunch. 

Some pictures of Cheeky Lucas taken at tea time (Chilli's Gurney) as brunch wasn't enough for mummy & daddy... 

To wean or not to wean...

I am having mix feelings about weaning my little one. After breastfeeding Lucas for 16months +, part of me wants to be free but part of me (especially) the sentimental part, will miss it so much... As I direct latch Lucas only (a privilege as a stay-at-home-mum), I am also clueless how to start weaning him. O.o I don't think he likes bottles anymore... After so long not using one... I can be such a indecisive mom sometimes.