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Monday, September 30, 2013

The lunch that went wrong.

Yesterday, it was perfect day and we were having lunch by the restaurant overlooking the river. At a first glance this chair seems perfectly normal. 
I don't know how or when it happened but one minute Lucas was sitting on it, the next he was sliding down the hole and he got stuck and was hanging down from his neck. I reacted quite quickly and held his legs and pushed him upwards while he was screaming away. At the moment, I think my heart stopped & my mind was blank. The only thing was to get him out. We got him out rather quickly and I tried to console him. It was terrifying to see him Stuck that way. While consoling him I saw some blood on his face I thought his nose was bleeding. But I found a cut on his eyelid and it looks beaten. There were also some minor bleeding below his lips. He must have bitten himself during the fall. When he calmed down, I asked him to turn his neck left and right, up & down and it seems fine. It's a relieve that he only got minor bruises.
A few minutes after his fall he was back to his happy self again. My hands were still shaking but he seemed to have forgotten about it.
Today the swelling has subside and thank god everything seem fine. What a day! =_=' next time, I will not let Lucas sit on a chair without a secure strap at the center.  Never again.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Day 3 (Part 1) - Island Hopping

Day 3 is all about the sea, fish & beach! Warning : Picture overload! I will let the pictures do the talking ;)

We are all set & ready to go.
 We walked from our hotel to the jetty. It took us about 15 mins. This is a shot of us behind Suria Sabah 5 mins away from the jetty.

 We are here finally! Jesselton Jetty.

There are numerous counters in the Jetty. Most of them have the same pricing, the only thing that determine which to choose is which one has the earliest time of departure. We finally picked one which had a boat departing at 10am.  We decided to only go for 2 islands instead of 3 islands judging from the schedule & time limit we have.

Lucas helped daddy apply sunblock while waiting for our ride.

This is Lucas' first ride on a speed boat. I could tell he was pretty nervous & scared. He held on to me really tightly throughout the ride. Our first destination : Pulau Sapi

This is how clear the water is!


Second island : Pulau Manukan

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Day 2 - Hanging Around The City

Initially, we wanted to make a trip to the Kinabalu park at the foot of Mount kinabalu, but we changed our plans knowing the journey would take us about 2 hours. Travelling such a distance with a toddler may not be such a great idea. So we decided to hang out around the city area & boy, did we had our tummy filled up.

We had breakfast at the hotel before we head out to the Gaya Street Market.

Note to self... it is actually very hard to move about with a stroller at the street market. But Lucas fell asleep in it despite the heat & the cramp place. So I guess it's still ok :)

A picture of us and our dear friend Glenn (our tour guide in Sabah!) LOL

We head on to Yee Fung for Lunch. We had yummy Sarawak Laksa, Kolo mee (dry beef noodles) & beef noodles soup. The place was packed! *another downside of having a stroller & a sleeping baby-there's no place for us to park our stroller. Luckily, Lucas woke up when we found a place to sit. So we were able to fold the stroller & we had to hold Lucas while we take turns to eat. *No baby chairs available*

Next, we head on to Suria Sabah. This place I had to rant. As Lucas wanted to nurse, so I looked for the baby room. I went to the area where the sign shows a baby room, so I asked the lady who was manning the toilet is there a room to feed my baby? she said 1st floor. So, ok I went to the first floor.
Then, to enter the baby room I need to pay 30 cents. Fine. So, when I entered the room... Super disappointed! No chairs, no dustbin. It's practically an empty room, with a sink top. So Alex held lucas and I had to climb and sit on the Sink top to feed Lucas. -__-" Then when i was changing Lucas' diaper, I couldn't find any rubbish bin. I went out and told the lady "Charge tiga puluh sen, tak ada tempat buang sampah??" She say buang di luar... =__= WHAT! geez.

Next stop, was a pastry place my friend recommended & I agree with him that it's delicious. I'm starting to miss the pastry puff already!

 The mushroom & chicken pie was my favourite. YUMS!

 Then we walked to the next road to have "Sang Nyuk Mee" - Pork soup noodles.
The dried noodles reminded me of the dried pan mee in Penang. :)

The soup consist of pork & other parts like liver & intestines.
3 person shared a bowl because we were too stuffed!

 After being so stuffed with food, we head down to Tanjung Aru. We are still in awe about this place.
Wait till you see the pictures :)
Lucas travelled in the car seat whenever we travel in a car.

He was so comfortable in his own seat that he fell asleep in it. So we carried him down and I had to find a seat to rest my back. The view was great so no complains!

Look at who's still sleeping?

Sunset bar is the main reason we are at Rasa Sayang Resort, Tanjung Aru.  By sunset, this place was pack with people. *note: we are required to order drinks before we are allowed to enter the bar*

 Just before sunset, there was a rainbow right across the beach! Its was amazing.... so in love.

Look at the amount of people behind me... everyone wanted to catch a glimpse of the beautiful sunset.

That's the end of Day 2.